Fun in the Lab

At the moment I have a technicians job, working in a lab. I have two weeks left, and must Finnish the tasks that I have been charged.

  • Create a wild type clone of a region of exonic human sequence.
  • Induce SNP into three wild type clone via the quick change protocol.
  • Write a workflow that produced a list of ranked candidate genes, for a human disease using tools such as blast , open reading frame finder tools, and motif searchers.

Currently I am having trouble carrying out my ligation reaction into a PGemT easy vector system and then transforming it. Transformation and cells are fine as demonstrated by controls. Ligation is the issue. Diagnostic restriction digests are currently not working, I think this is due to not having enough DNA to digest and then visualise on the gel.

Quick change has been performed on 2 of the three wt clones, and clones have been isolated. The gene now just needs to be sent for sequenceing.

Workflow is on hold.

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