Amy Palamountain


Enemy of the State

A talk given at JSConfAu - Taking a critical look at some of the patterns we see being applied in common JS frameworks to see if the give us ways of handling state and events in a scaleable, maintainable fashion.

Integration Testing ASP.NET Web API

Want to know what kind of HTTP APIs suck? The ones that break all of their clients every time a new version is minted. One way to keep ourselves in check is to sling up an integration test suite. In this post I cover an approach I have used to integration test my ASP.NET Web APIs both in memory, and then use that same suite to test the API once its deployed to a test environment.

Exist in the Web - Not on It

A talk given at wdcnz-2013. A 30,000 ft view on how we can model our public web APIs close to how HTTP was designed to be used, and an illustration of what kinds of problems hypermedia web apis can try and solve for your in your public web APIs.

Unsuck Your Backbone

Backbone.js is awesome, but its scaling it is hard. Especially when you dont start with a plan. Take a look at how Marionette.js can help. Watch the video of the talk ‘Unsuck your backbone’ given at Codemania 2013

Game Master Kids

As part of the Te Papa Games Masters Exhibtion I took part in the Digital Media Careers Day. I took a class of 40 studens and together we built a simple side scroller game in JavaScript

Dealing to Power-plays

Power plays - a behaviour used by people who feel threatned by someone, to re assert their own status, to reverse the perception of power. Nasty and down right mean. How can we deal with this?

Ten Traumas in Ten Minutes

A 10 minute lightening talk given at Codemania After Dark. In ten minutes I covered my top ten ‘traumas’ of developing software for the cloud, and along the way gave some thoughts about what you need to keep in mind when doing so. It turns out developing for the cloud is really not that different from developing any other distributed application.

On Service Location

I have some pretty strong feelings about the use of the Service Locator pattern in the software we build. They go along the lines of ‘why would you ever use it?’ and possibly (and somewhat mellow dramatically) rocking slowly backwards and forth in the corner of the shower after being exposed to it. So to ease my pain, and perhaps yours, I have compiled an explanation of why I feel so intolerant toward this pattern.

A Recipe to Make Girls

If I were to ask you, genetically speaking what is the difference between a boy and a girl? You are likely to say  “A girl carries two X chromosomes, while a boy carries one X and one Y”. If I where then to ask you *how* that determines ones sex, what would you say?