Unsuck Your Backbone


I gave a talk at Codemania - Unsuck your backbone. It was a lot of fun, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.



The purpose of the talk is to introduce some simple architectural patterns that you can use in your large JavaScript applications to help you achieve a scalable code base.

The general gist is:

  • Backbone is awesome, but its scaling it is hard.
  • MVC is a presentation pattern, and if we are to scale our JS apps we need to look beyond it
  • People have been using composite application architecture successfully when building desktop applications for a long time now, so can we do the same with JavaScript apps?
  • We go through some of the concepts behind modules and application objects and patterns, pub/sub and how the interaction between them might work,
  • Then introduce marionette.js as a set of extensions to backbone which allow you to achieve a composite application architecture . *


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